Your Culture is your Brand

Start-Up=Start-Culture Part VIII

What I will share with you next is practical advice in the form of a checklist to enable culture. The checklist consists of four parts that are equally important for a living corporate culture. At the same time, they build on each other.

People and the frameworks are the basis and fundamental prerequisite of a corporate culture. The processes and the organizational structure are the catalysts for anchoring culture sustainably within a company’s DNA.


Your Culture is your Brand

Start-Up=Start-Culture Part VII

And now it is getting even more serious!

The founders shared some insights about what they would do differently now in creating company culture.

A special thanks to everybody sharing.


Your Culture is your Brand

Start-Up=Start-Culture Part VI

Let us follow up on the topic we are all curious about:

As Leadership Coach and Sparring partner, I want to help you and your company create the culture you want. These articles will give you fresh insights about the importance of company culture and how to create the culture you want.

And now let’s see what are the founder’s best practices and rituals to enable company culture.


Your Culture is your Brand

Start-Up=Start-Culture Part V

And here we go again. In the previous articles we have talked about the importance of corporate culture, its impact and critical success factors.

Leadership was not directly named as critical success factor of company culture, but still I was interested in the link the founders see between company and leadership culture. What influence does leadership have on company culture?


Your Culture is your Brand

Start-Up=Start-Culture Part IV

Welcome back to article four of eight!

As a follow-up to what company culture means and why it is important for a company’s success (see article I), this time we will focus on critical success factors and the link between leadership and culture.

The following two articles will address personal experiences and best practices of all interviewees as well as practical advice to enable culture. A big thanks again to all the impressive people who took the time for the interview!


Your Culture is your Brand

Start-Up=Start-Culture Part III

If you want to learn more about the influence of corporate culture on a company’s success and what employee well-being and emotional buy-in has to do with it, then you are exactly right here!

The question answered within this article is…

Why company culture is important and what about its influence on success?


Your Culture is your Brand

Start-Up=Start-Culture Part II

As I said in the last article, let´s make company culture a topic!

The first question I raised was what company culture means?

As in most fields, there are different definitions of the term company culture. Before you continue reading, I would like you to take two minutes to think about your personal understanding of this term...


Your Culture is your Brand

Start-Up=Start-Culture Part I

The following articles will help you to create the corporate culture you want!

My name is Vera, Leadership Coach and Sparring Partner and passionate about uplifting others and enabling companies to create the culture they want.

When I was a kid, I often asked myself what people meant by culture. Growing up traveling and living in different countries, I realized that culture describes the way people live together, how they treat each other and what their common beliefs are...




To start a business brings a lot of challenges.

Having a genius idea of cause is a prerequisite and at the same time it is just one of the whole.

What about the product design? The technical requirements? The company structures? The strategy? The company’s finances? Processes? The IT infrastructure? The business model? Necessary marketing activities? …



Having a coach? Why should I?

Why coaching? What is it about? - lets talk about the deeper sense and the chances of having a coach in a business context.

Imagine your company hires a coach to support you as a leader, as person with great influence and as individual personality. I often observe intimidation, uncertainty, and resistance as reaction.

Why do they think I need a coach? Is it my performance, is it me as a person? ...